Community Payback helps the church.

Since I was stationed as Deacon in the Liverpool North Central Circuit I have been blessed with ample opportunities to help and support different groups in the local community. One of the groups I currently work with is Adelaide House, a Women's Approved Premises in Liverpool, Merseyside, one of only six such facilities in the country. They provide residential support and interventions for up to 20 adult women. They work with women who are experiencing difficulties with any of the following; Offending behaviour, Drugs and alcohol addiction, Personality disorder, Mental Health, Victim of Domestic Violence, Learning difficulties, Self-harm and Homelessness.

Once a week up to ten ladies who have to take part in Community Service come to our Church in Kensington to work in our garden. Our garden is a small, safe and secluded space, right in a busy part of Liverpool. My main aim is that the church is a safe haven for everyone. We work together, have coffee or tea together and one of the main important things is, that we all sit down in the church and have lunch (at first provided by us) together. The women seem to enjoy this so much so that they sometimes bring something they have made at home to share with the whole group.

At a recent Coffee Morning, organised by the church, we invited the women to come and show off the garden to our members. All of them came and mingled with the congregation. The members of the church have become a lot more interested in the garden, which has now become more manageable again.

I feel privileged working with the people of Adelaide House and that I am enabled to practice that "the church” really cares about everyone.

Deacon Flip den Uil,
Kensington Methodist Church,